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    Starved Rock State Park, Illinois

    Starved Rock State Park Illinois has some remarkable parks, Matthiessen, Buffalo Rock, and Starved Rock State Park are all within a few miles of each other along the Illinois River. Utica Illinois is a small town in Northern Illinois in La Salle County about an Hour and Forty-five minute drive from Chicago. This is a relatively low elevation hike with several trails that loop and twist around each other. There are waterfalls, like this one throughout the park. Some trails like the French Canyon have water you will have to walk through, others have elevated paths and railings. No matter your hiking level, this place has a path for you.…

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    Matthiessen State Park, Illinois

    Matthiessen State Park, Illinois This place is amazing. I went in February while everything was frozen and in black and white tones. It was magic. The Dells Canyon and Bluff is one of the 5 Miles of trails in the whole of Matthiessen State Park, it’s a small gorge in Illinois with two waterfalls. The Dells trial itself is only about 2 miles in total but it makes a figure eight so you don’t have to hike it all in one go. Dells Canyon and Bluff Distance: 2 Miles Pets: Yes, on leash. The lower falls in summer can create a corkscrew cascade and I’m told it’s amazing. I wasn’t…