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12 Reasons To Visit Vernal Utah

Vernal Utah

12 Reasons To Visit Vernal, Utah

Utah is the third most photographed state in the US. Only beat out by Alaska and Hawaii though it’s often overlooked. So what’s the most overlooked area, in a state that’s already an underdog in the travel world? That would be Vernal Utah in the Uintah County. Southern Utah has the big 5; Five national parks that are amazing and bring in photographers and travel influencers from around the world. Vernal has all the big features, arches, rivers, canyons, rock formations but without the millions of tourist vying for the same view.

Why choose Vernal?

Zion’s National Park is the 3rd most visited national park in the world and for very good reasons. 3.6 million people visit Zion’s every year, Yellowstone National Park beat Zion’s out by only 200 thousand people. 1st place gets 12 million a year so there wasn’t really much of a chance to beat out the Great Smoky Mountains but the Uintah country deserves a look.

So how does the rest of Utah compete when vacationers only know about Zion’s or Bryce National Park? Honestly, we don’t. But if you want to avoid the crowds and get some unique shots that haven’t been seen a thousand times the most underrated place in Utah has to be the Vernal Utah. You get it all and more. The arches, the trails, slot canyons, and bizarre rock formations all in one place. Don’t believe it, check this out.

1.) Dinosaur National Monument

Vernal Utah Dinosaur National Monument

This is by far one of the most unique national monuments. Visitors will get the rare opportunity to become paleontologist and live out their Jurassic Park fantasy. The famous fossil wall is a cliff face containing over 1500 dinosaur fossils still encased in sandstone on display. Some dinosaurs have only been found here including one of the most recognized stegosaurus.


On August 17th, 1909 Earl Douglas was searching for museum quality fossils when he discovered eight vertebrae of an Apatosaurus in the sedimentary rock of a small hill, the subsequent discovery was beyond anyone’s imagination.

Hundreds of never seen before dinosaur bones and species, many intact all collected in one spot. As a result, the Dinosaur Quarry has provided answers to some of ancient history’s biggest questions and created even more mysteries.

For more information and directions here’s the full article about Dinosaur National Monument.

2.) Echo Park

Vernal Utah
This place is an outdoorsman’s dream. Rent a kayak or paddle board and float the Yampa river through one of the prettiest canyon’s in the west. Echo Park a local favorite fishing hole with view’s that tend to help the fish escape. It’s hard to keep your eye on the lurer when you can’t help but look up. Floating down these calm green waters will make this trip one of your families favorites and you’ll be telling people about this place for years to come.

For directions and camping information check out the full article about Echo Park.

3.) Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery

Vernal Utah Jones Hole

Jone’s Hole National Fish Hatchery is another idealic spot roughly 45 miles east of Vernal Utah. It’s a beautiful spot, the 4 mile trail through the canyon has petroglyphs and wildlife and goes all the way to the green river. It’s a perfect little fishing hole, with some of the prettiest views that will leave you thinking you should move here.

4.) Moonshine Arch

Vernal Utah Moonshine Arch
Southern Utah has Arche’s National Park, but the Uintah County has Arches too. Moonshine Arch is only 20 miles north of downtown Vernal Utah. The trail is easy and no need to pay for a park pass to visit. The arch is gorgeous and you won’t have 200 people waiting in a line to take a picture with it.

For directions and history check out the full article about Moonshine Arch.


5.) Fantasy Canyon
Vernal Utah Fantasy Canyon

Now, this one is unbelievable. It looks like a movie set from some sci-fi planet. It’s nuts but a completely natural rock formation created by millions of years of sediment rock and erosion. This crazy eye boggling canyon is so different and strange it’s hard to think this isn’t fake but it’s not. Bryce canyon may have goblin valley, which is also worth a visit, but fantasy canyon will leave you awe struck.

6.) Red Fleet State Park
Vernal Utah Red Fleet State Park

Had enough of hiking for a day, head on over to Red Fleet State Park. The locals favorite swimming hole. the beach is great, but this lake is more than it looks. Named after the rock formation to the north, which there is a viewing area if you drive past the park entrance, three rock shelfs emerge from the basin floor looking like three red battleships breaking on waves of red sand. They’re amazing and not man made.

Kayakers love taking the north canyon through red gorge or once you’re on the beach, swim across the narrow canyon and enjoy some cliff jumping. The rock ledge is an easy walk from the water you can jump from two feet or thirty but the neat part is the dinosaur tracks left embedded in the surface. Put your foot up along side the foot prints of a Dilophosaurus dated 157 million to 206 million years ago.

7.) Paddle Fest

Red Fleet State Park hosts Paddle Fest every year. A free event open to the public with hundreds of paddle boarders and kayakers cruising around the Red Fleet Reservoir. Motorized boats are not allowed on the lake during the event to give free rain to the paddlers. The local radio station host live music, bands and entertainment. Paddle boards and kayaks are available for free if you don’t have your own, but I’d show up early because they go fast. Rentals in town are available at Oars.

8.) Red Canyon

Vernal Utah Red Canyon Overlook

About 45 miles north of Vernal Utah is the Red Canyon Overlook. Rent a 4X4 from Cliffhangers and hit the dirt road, take a drive through Ashley National forest and enjoy a picnic at the stunning overlook of the green river as it slowly winds it’s way through the Rocky Mountains.

For directions and hiking information check out the full article about Red Canyon Overlook.

9.) Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge Dam and Resort is another great location for kayakers and a fantastic river rafting destination.

The canyon is home to catfish, rainbow trout, mountain goat, eagles, moose, elk, the ever elusive mountain lion and if you’re very very lucky the occasional black bear.

10.) McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs
Vernal Utah McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs

National Geographic had a featured article showcasing one of the best petroglyph panels in north America. The McConkie Ranch is owned and operated by the McConkie family but they have left parking and the trail along the cliff wall available for visitors. There’s nearly a mile of petroglyphs leading to the Three Kings Panel. A remarkable example of Fremont People artifacts.

For driving directions and history about the site check out the full McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs article.


11.) Mountain Madness Bike Race

Vernal Utah, Mountain Madness Bike RaceMountain biking has gotten huge in Utah, and the Uintah Basin is no exception. With over 120 miles of designated biking trails the popularity of this place is growing, there are fantastic rock formations that riders can cruise between while riding through that red, red terrain.

The Mountain Bike Project has a list of all the trails available on their site. To promote the growing industry the community came together and started planning a mountain biking event. Mountain Madness is Vernal’s annual mountain biking race, a 50 mile relay or single rider race that goes through Ashley National Forest.

12.) Butch Cassidy’s Outlaw Trail

Butch Cassidy may be one of America’s most famous outlaw’s. His band known as the Wild Bunch robbed banks, mines and trains terrorizing the west for years. But where did they go when the fled? Butch was born in Utah and he and his gang often wintered in Vernal.

A portion of the Outlaw trail travels through this area to a hideout, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid used to law low in between robberies. They hid primarily in a place now named Browns Park where wood structures, and buildings are still standing for visitors  and hikers to explore. A large amount of the stolen loot was never found and many treasure hunters have searched the area looking for hidden treasure.

Interesting history

A bank in Vernal, which is still in operation today, then called the Parcel Post Bank was built by bricks brought to Vernal in horse drawn carriages. At the time the Post Office Department couldn’t deliver anything larger than 400 pounds, but they did begin delivering parcels weighing 11 pounds. This was a huge success. However, Vernal didn’t have a railroad so the POD had to pay for a delivery service to cart goods from Salt Lake City to Vernal, today this is about 180 miles but because of the terrain back then the easiest rout was close to 400 miles.

According to historians the government was losing anywhere between 25-30 thousand dollars a year making deliveries to Vernal. The bank owner, Coltharp, had bricks shipped by John B. Cahoon of the Salt Lake Pressed Brick Company for the façade of the building. 15,000 bricks were sent via Parcel Post. Ten to a crate, individually wrapped to meet the maximum weight limit of 50 pounds. It took 1,500 crates, roughly 38 tons, until the bank was finished in November 1916.

Vernal Utah, Bank historyWith a deal like that, why wouldn’t he build a bank brick by brick.

The Vernal bank wasn’t the only company sending shipments of supplies via Parcel Post. More than 3 tons of supplies were sent to Vernal every day from building materials, to canned goods, and fabrics. Basically, the entire town of Vernal was built by shipping supplies in small individual parcels via the Post Office, including all the merchandise sold in those buildings.

Coltharp was so paranoid that Butch Cassidy would hit his bank he built his apartment directly across the street so he could watch over his bank from the second story bedroom at all hours. He even had the vault moved into his home instead of the bank and had the apartment built around it. The vault is still there simply because no one knows hot to get it out without tearing the building down.

How To Get Here

Vernal does have an airport, most flights go in and out of Denver twice a day so if you’d prefer to fly you’ll have a layover in Denver where you’ll have to switch planes. To be honest, I’d make it a road trip but then again I always opt for the road trip.

Coming from Colorado

The drive from Denver is gorgeous, Glenwood Canyon is one of my favorites drives in the world and the canyon from Rifle Colorado into Meeker is neat, it has all these rainbow colored mountains and interesting rock formations that are fun.

Coming from Salt Lake City

The drive from Salt Lake City is also pretty, There are two canyon’s you’d take either Provo Canyon or Parley’s which are both amazing, and Strawberry reservoir looks like a postcard. So either way coming from the east or the west the drive is a trip all to itself.

Per usual, I took way more pictures than I could possibly post on here so if you’d like to see more I have several accounts that I’ve posted more images on.

P interest

Happy Travels
See You Out There
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  • Sheen

    Hi there 

    I learnt a lot about Utah from your post.

    I really like your 10 reasons to visit Vernal Utah and they definitely make sense.

    How wonderful that there is a space that is not overcrowded by tourists to walk and take photographs.

    Dinosaur bones and fossils are always fascinating so to be able to have an opportunity to see  paleontologists in action and a fossil wall in a cliff face containing over 1500 dinosaur fossils is amazing!

    What a great opportunity to be able to hike around the trails and to see arches, canyons and bizarre rock formations. 

    A true gem all in one area.

    Seems like Vernal Utah deserves a visit!

    best wishes 


    • NJKuhr

      I love it here. It’s such a special place and it should be getting a lot more attention than it does. I know my little home town could use the tourism so I’m doing my best to spread the word. Hopefully, you get a chance to visit. It won’t disappoint.

  • Rose

    I am getting the impression that you have summarized in this post some of your articles that are found in Utah.

    While you have mentioned the best hotels, features, restaurants/ eating places and adventures that waits the tourists, you are now posting the most attractive image while describing the particular travel destination in this post.

    What can I say? I am very amazed and dreaming I can get there soon. Imagine if I book a package to visit Vernal Utah, I will have a chance to visit all these spectacular destinations? Wait for my family Vernal Utah.

    • NJKuhr

      That’s pretty much exactly what I did. I quick summary and itinerary of the best Vernal has to offer with links to other articles that go more in depth of each attraction. My little home town is struggling and could use the tourism. I’m doing my best to spread the word.

  • Geoff

    Thanks for bringing us these great reasons to visit Vernal Utah.

    You have given so many ideas that it will be hard to choose which ones to visit.  But I suppose I will just have to stay longer and visit them all!

    The Moonshine arch and Fantasy Canyon will definitely be at the top of my list and the Red Canyon looks absolutely beautiful for photographs.

    • NJKuhr

      Those are two of my favorite hikes in this area. Vernal’s long been overlooked because of the 5 national parks in southern Utah but it’s well worth a visit. 

  • Lisa

    I live in Utah Valley, Utah and yet I have never seen any of the beautiful destinations you wrote about in your article. I have never seen that part of the state, even though I have heard about it for years. Shame on me! I need to get out more and enjoy this beautiful state.

    I have some relatives coming to visit from “back east” this summer and I think I will take them to the Vernal area. I bet they would be especially interested in the dinosaurs and petroglyphs.

    • NJKuhr

      That would be great. Southern Utah gets most of the attention and what people know about so Vernal gets forgotten. I’m trying to spread the word and help boost our towns tourism, we could use it. I’d be thrilled if you were able to come out here and see how great it is. It won’t disappoint.

  • Orion Vangard

    The first thing I learned about Vernel Utah was all the amazing activities that are there. It seems like this destination has something for everyone from caves to dinosaurs and ancient cultures! In addition, it looks absolutely breathtaking with its captivating landscape of mountains and blue skies. Who would expect to find great diving, stunning caves and dinosaurs in the mountains of Utah? I certainly never would have!

    • NJKuhr

      Actually I’m glad you mention diving. There are some great river diving opportunities here, that I’d completely forgotten about. Vernal is amazing, and it could use the boost, I hope you can make it out here to see it for yourself.

  • Parameter

    Such hidden treasure in Utah. this is the first time I am going to read of red fleet state park, although I ha ve read about mountain madness bike race. But the way you described it with and the community coming together to organize a mountain biking event.i will honestly want to find out more attend the event 

    • NJKuhr

      That’s great. I’m so glad you’ve heard about it before you read the article. Most people don’t know about this area at all, so I’m really glad Vernal’s efforts to get more tourism is working. Hopefully, you get to go.

  • Shierly

    I am so amazed with all the beautiful sites in Vernal, Utah. The Dinosaur National Monument is amazing. Does the Fossil Wall then is a proof the real existence of dinosaur way back long ago in history? The Fantasy Canyon is unbelievable! A rock formation that is so stunning like hat you said it looks like fake but it’s not! I love your Interesting Story. He really made his investments secured. I learned a lot from your Article about Utah. It is worth to go visit this place in the near future.Thanks for all the informations I got from you about another beautiful place to put in my list to Travel and Tour in the future.

  • Kokontala

    Greetings! I have never been to Utah but the information and photos you shared about it are eye-catching. It seems to be a beautiful and unique place; anyone can enjoy exploring this amazing placing. I have read a very interesting history about Vernal Utah, and I am dying to travel to this place. 

    • NJKuhr

      I hope you do, it’s such a unique place to visit and it has so much to offer without the crowds and the touristy type stuff. It’s a great place.

  • Jamie

    I knew Utah was beautiful but I had no idea there were no many cool things to do and see that fall outside of the usual tourist traps. The petroglyphs were particularly interesting and the Red Canyon reminds me of Crater Lake, Oregon. Of the 12 reasons you listed, what would you say is the best?

    • NJKuhr

      Echo park is my favorite place out here. It’s up on Dinosaur National Monument and it’s better than the grand canyon.

  • AL. S.

    Great post. I love Utah! Lots of my family live there and I grew up in New Mexico, Arizona, and the Nevada area. The Flaming Gorge, Flaming Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument are all awesome! I would like to see the Red Canyon and do the Paddle Fest. Utah is by far one of the best outdoor fun states in the country.

    • NJKuhr

      Utah has got outdoor recreation figured out. This area is amazing and paddle fest is so much fun. I think if you get the chance to come out this summer you’ll want to come back every year.

  • LineCowley

    I have never been to Utah and it is very interesting to see that it is the third most photographed state in the USA. And from your photographs, I can see how beautiful and uniquely diverse Vernal Utah is as well. There is certainly heaps of adventure to be had, with the kayaking on the top of my list of things to do, before exploring all the canyons.

    • NJKuhr

      There’s a lot of kayaking opportunities out here. You can choose any of three rivers, all are gorgeous and how long you want to float for. It can be just a day trip, or a week long float depending on how long you want to be on the water and where you want to go.

  • Paolo

    In my book, Zion National Park is one of the best places to visit in Utah. This park is perfect for hiking enthusiasts. There are even easy level trails that can be done with all the family.

    Two of the best trails in Zion National Park are The Narrows and Angels Landing. The first follows the canyon that leaves the North Fork of the Virgin River. This means that we’ll need to wear appropriate shoes because we’ll probably get wet. The second route includes a via ferrata that takes us to an incredible viewpoint.

    • NJKuhr

      Yes, the narrows is a river walk, you will be walking through water sometimes even hip deep at some points. Vernal Utah is north eastern Utah, but we have slot canyons too. We’re about a seven hour drive from Zion’s. It’s the third most visited park in the united states, so you will also be dealing with thousands of other hikers. They get almost 4 million people a year and it’s not a very large park. So if Zion’s is a must on your list, go off season.

  • Sharon

    The landscapes are amazing. Thanks for sharing. I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance to visit these beautiful places but who knows, a miracle may happen. I love Nature thus Fantasy Canyon and Moonshine Arch captured my attention. 

    The bit of history you shared is very interesting indeed. I believe there was a movie on Butch Cassidy.

    • NJKuhr

      There was a movie about him, now I kinda want to go back and watch it again. I hope you do get a chance to travel to the US and see some of the beautiful places here. A transcontinental road trip would be ideal.

  • Kwidzin

    Thanks for sharing this article. It was very interesting to read. Unfortunately, living here in Scotland, UK, I’ve still never made it over to that side of the pond yet but hopefully some day I will. I must admit, Utah has never been a place that I’ve looked io much before. But having read your article, I can see that there really is quite a lot to be seen there.

    • NJKuhr

      I have to say the same thing about Scotland, I’ve wanted to make a trip there for years. If you do make it to Utah, you may not want to leave. I have two friends who traveled here on vacation and ended up moving out here. It’s amazing.

  • Andy

    Thanks for sharing this very inspiring article. I have only once been to Utah when I drove through Zion National Park. I remember we frequently stopped at roadside stores to look at the interesting rocks and fossils they were selling. Aside from the memorable sites, the stunning scenery, and fascinating petroglyphs, I remember we drove along much of route 89. Many native Americans had stalls set up by the roadside selling goods, jewelry, and clothes, I think the funniest thing I saw, which absolutely obliged us to turn around and go and visit, I drove past one roadside vendor and when I looking in my rearview mirror I saw they had a sign and written in reverse print so I could read it in the rearview mirror the sign said “Nice Indians behind you”. Now there was someone with a sense of humor. Best regards, Andy

  • Calvin

    Thank you so most for your article i have never visited Vernal Utah, but I will one day. The attractions are amazing I forgot about the great history that they had out west. That will be put on my bucket list thank you so what was your favorite attraction. I think mine would have to be Fantasy Canyon. 

    • NJKuhr

      Fantasy canyon is awesome and definitely worth a visit but my favorite place out here is Echo park. That place is magic and my go to place for a drive.

  • Fatoumata

    Wow. Really nice place indeed and many interesting history. I love history and quiet or places that are build for families. Of course, others too.

    It looks like a nice place to visit with family members. I have always heard of the Canyons before, it would be nice to visit them one day.

    The Echo park looks also like something many families would love to visit. Great picks. 

    • NJKuhr

      Echo Park is my favorite thing, it’s where I like to go when I need a break or just want to go for a drive.

  • Stephanie

    I have seen Echo Park in some movies that I’ve had the opportunity of seeing, but actually reading about it and looking at all the breathtaking pictures, it truly makes you want to get on a plane and visit this wonderful place. I’ve seen so many people – celebs that I follow – that love Utah but especially in the warm weather so they can be able to sky. 

    • NJKuhr

      It’s such an amazing place, and there’s so much here for people. It’s amazing how much this place surprises people when they find out exactly what Utah’s like. It’s magic.

  • MIchel

    And I thought South Africa was beautiful, but there are so many beautiful places around the world to visit. Vernal Utah looks like another one of them.

    I love the look of Echo Park. It looks so mysterious with that huge rock, and I think I would enjoy the outdoor adventures that it offers.

    Fantasy Canyon also looks like a must-see if you are in the area. And the outlaw trail is definite, especially if you are like me and love history.

    • NJKuhr

      It’s true, there are so many places in this world I want to see too. Vernal is just one little special spot that more people should know about. Thanks.

  • ghoshrobin

    Hi Norma,

    The information you provided is timely. I am planning to visit Lehi Utah soon when travel is possible. I never knew there is so much to do and see in Vernah which is about 125 miles from Salt Lake City. I note that the population is only 10,000 people which makes it an easy place to drive around (hopefully no traffic jams). Out of the 12 places you highlighted I have chosen 3 places to be on my bucket list. The Red Canyon is just stunning and unusual. McCaskill Ranch Petroglyphs is another unique place to visit. I have seen rock carvings in Oz and these Petroglyphs will be something else! The last place I would like to visit would be Butch Cassidy’s Outlaw Trail. As a history and Western movie buff, I think tracing Butch’s steps would be great fun. 

    Once again you have written a great post with just enough information to whet my appetite. 



  • Stephen Tan

    The Vernal Utah is really a nice place for a long holidays. Some places need hiking to see nearest for a clear encounter. While some places can go by boat which is my favorite activity. You are all the 12 places are best for taking photographs.

    Some place looks like a wild nature, especially the Fantasy Canyon, Moonshine Arch, and Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery, is it safe to visit with the family members? My favorite places are Dinosaur National Monument, Echo Park, Red Fleet State Park, and Mountain Madness Bike Race.

    Flaming Gorge is a great place for wild animals, but also it is a rafting place which may have unknown water pour down from the source, this is purely my personal worry. If not, I will like to visit this place.

    Since your article not mentioned anything, where is the nearest food store, I assume we have to prepare food and drink in our backpack. Am I right?

    • NJKuhr

      There are several restaurants in the area, but everything I listed is kid friendly and family friendly. You can visit the dam without having to raft if you prefer not too, there’s a long drive or a hiking trail along the river that’s an easy walk.

  • Michael

    Great article that left me wanting to know more! Guess there is only one way to find out, and that is to visit the area. Out of curiosity is that a dinosaur footprint near the kayak in the photo of you swimming?. 

    So much history and so many interesting events make this a really good place to visit. It is also good to see the community getting behind other activities as well.

    Thanks for broadening my knowledge and adding what looks to be a really worthwhile place to spend some time. 

    • NJKuhr

      It is a dinosaur footprint. That whole side is covered in them. I hope you get a chance to come, Utah is amazing.

  • rjkennedy

    Many folks look for great places to travel, like Hawaii, Florida, California, etc; but they seem to over-look Utah. Maybe it sounds like a place that there isn’t much to do. With 5 national parks, Utah seem to be the place of great family venture. Why do you think Utah isn’t rated as one of the best destination places? I think it’s because its reputation isn’t that great; compared to other destination places.

    • NJKuhr

      It’s overlooked because it’s not talked about. People think vacation and they think white beaches and snorkeling but Utah is desert, it’s very hot in the summers and has deep cold winters. I’m trying to change that. Photographers are very familiar with it. It’s the third most photographed state in the US after Alaska and Hawaii but other than that people want beach destinations. 

  • Nina

    I’ve already read some of your articles with individual presentations, and now I’m also excited to read this one where you made the list and highlighted the 12 locations and reasons why Vernal Utah is worth a visit.
    And I also always really admire the pictures you attach, because they really spice up interesting content with descriptions.
    Yes, in terms of everything written, Vernal Utah really has a lot of reasons to visit! My top locations are Red Canyon, Fantasy Canyon, Echo Park, McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs, and Moonshine Arch.

    • NJKuhr

      Thank you. I felt like Vernal needed a list since I was already writing so much about it. Those are some of my favorites too. As I explore more I’m sure the list will grow as well.

  • usetimewisely

    Interesting post and great pictures as well. I will admit that I had no idea Utah had so much to offer as far as sightseeing. The image of the Red Canyon was my favorite. What a view. I have lived in the South most of my life and never farther west than St.Louis, Missouri. 

    I am so ignorant about many places in our county, and I really enjoy it when someone shares this kind of post and opens my eyes. I grew up in the deep south, which, compared to your photos, looks like a different planet. I actually had an offer recently to travel out that way, and now I know what I would like to see. 

    Thank you and good luck with your site,


    • NJKuhr

      Utah feels like a different planet. We have such unique and bizarre rock formations outs here. It’s an experience in and of itself. I hope you do come this way, it’s one of those places that gets under your skin and makes you want to come back. 

  • Alejandra

    I never thought about Vernal Utah as a place to visit until I read your post, this should be on my travel top places to visit, and it would be a great place to visit with my family, we love nature and my grandson love everything about dinosaurs, I’m sure he would love to visit Jurassic Park fantasy., there’s so much to do there, I’m sure everyone in my family will love to visit it!

    • NJKuhr

      They would love it and Vernal would be so happy if you’d visit. The town is beautiful and welcoming. I can give you lodging or camping recommendations if you’re interested. It’s one of those places that just sticks with you and your Grandson will be telling his kids about it some day.

  • angell70

    Hi and thank you for sharing this wonderful article. I have been looking and reading through this what I love most is you have described perfectly each single amazing touristic destination in Utah. I always wanted to go to visit the dinosaurs, and not just.  Also, I love Bryce canyon ohhhh how much I wish I can go to visiting and lastly Red canyon. Yeah. I do like it when you make the link to other pages, eg rent a car. PS. the story regarding the posted bank in Vernal is quite amazing. Oh and not to forget I love how you done the connection with Tripadvisor, splendid.

    Thank you, I love your article, is well structured, for everyone understanding. I do have a question, regarding the price and how to get there independently, by car, if you have any suggestion? thank you, many blessings to you

    • NJKuhr

      Vernal does have an airport, most flights go in and out of Denver so if you’d prefer to fly you’ll have a layover in Denver where you’ll have to switch planes. Thanks for bringing that up actually, I should include it in the article. To be honest, I’d make it a road trip. The drive from Denver is gorgeous, Glenwood canyon is one of my favorites drives in the world and the canyon from Rifle Colorado into Meeker is neat, it has all these rainbow shade mountains and interesting rock formations that are fun. The drive from Salt Lake City is also pretty, There are two canyon’s you’d take either Provo Canyon or Parley’s are both amazing, and Strawberry reservoir looks like a postcard. So either way coming from the east or the west the drive is a trip all to itself. I’m probably going to use this in my edit for the article because I feel like it needs it. Thank you.

  • Bob

    This looks like a great spot for a family vacation. Plenty to see in and around  Vernal. From dinosaur fossils to Butch Cassidy to that unreal view of the Red canyon overlooking the green river I’d say you have a well hidden gem here. If I was looking for a unique place to visit Vernal would be on the list.

  • CherrieAlesia

    Hi there, I had no idea that Utah is the third most photographed state! Very interesting news and photographs in this post! All twelve destinations sound like wonderful places to visit. My husband, our dog, and I have always wanted to take a road trip across our great nation; perhaps this is the incentive we need to get started. ~smile~

  • Kokontala

    Hi there! I have just gone through your post and I truly found it amazing. I liked the way you have outlined these reasons to visit Vernal Utah. I also like the place that has a great history like this one, I feel it’s worth visiting. The pictures too look great. Thanks for sharing such an amazing article with us.

    • NJKuhr

      I love bragging about this hidden gem. A lot of people miss it because there’s so much to see in Utah but it’s worth a visit. 

  • LineCowley

    I have never been to Utah, and from your photographs and descriptions, I can see why you say it is the third most photographed State. The variety of landscape and scenery is very diverse, and there sure is something for everyone. From dinosaur bones, to canyons, there are more than enough reasons to visit Vernal, Utah. I will have to put it on my bucket list. 

    • NJKuhr

      I hope you do. Vernal is amazing and I love it, I want more people to know about this place and give it the credit it deserves. 

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