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Goodbye Anthony Bourdain: 1956-2018

Anthony Bourdain wrote in one of his books about the loneliness that travelers feel. That the more you see of the world the harder it is to come home. And I instantly understood what he meant.

I don’t think it’s loneliness we travelers feel but a sense that no matter where you are you don’t belong. And as much as you love being home you can’t stay. You find a new place and for a while it’ll feel right. You’ll think this fits. You’ll think you fit. That is until it doesn’t and you don’t. Everywhere you visit you fall in love and you can see yourself living there, belonging there.

Those fast paced New Yorkers speak to you but so do the laid back country wine-O’s. Somehow you’re both. You may even make plans, think about renting long term. But you leave. You always do. So you leave a little piece of yourself everywhere you go.

The more you see of the world the more spread out you become. You can’t belong in one place because you belong in every place. And yet, nowhere is home. That’s the loneliness we feel, if you fit everywhere than you belong nowhere. Our pieces aren’t together anymore and we can’t be in multiple places at the same time.

Mountain tops will make you long for ocean waves. You’ll smile at the beach but miss the snow. It’s worth it, the more you give of yourself the more you get back. Sometimes our pieces just miss each other, you miss the versions of yourself you left behind and that can be lonely.

Thank you, Anthony Bourdain. From one traveler to another, We Miss You.

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